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Bathrooms - Scope of Work

For our corporate, commerical and/or residential clients, we have expanded our scope of work for bathrooms to include many cleaning points not traditionally offered by other janitorial vendors.

  • Toilets and/or urnials to be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected on eight parts.
  • Remove splash marks from walls and partitions.
  • Clean and sanitize light switch plates.
  • Clean and disinfect countertops.
  • Clean and disinfect counter sides and facings.
  • Scrub and disinfect sinks, polish bright work.
  • Clean and polish mirrors and framing.
  • Empty and re-line trash and sanitary napkin receptacles.
  • Clean and disinfect trash and sanitary napkin receptacles.
  • Refill paper and soap dispensers.
  • Clean and disinfect paper and soap dispensers as needed.
  • Sweep hard surface floors, corners and edges.
  • Wet mop and disinfect hard surface floors, corners and edges.
  • Vacuum carpeted portion of rest room floor if applicable, spot clean carpet stains/spills.
  • Hi-dust partition tops and other metal framing twice monthly.
  • Dust air vents monthly.
  • Dust return air grills monthly.
  • Spot clean doors, walls and partitions monthly.
  • Dust blinds twice monthly.
  • Wipe down and polish handicap access rails and fixtures as needed.
  • Clean and dust light fixtures as needed.
  • Remove cob webs from corners, ceilings, and windows monthly or sooner if needed.

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